It is important to understand that all of our sponsored content is subject to approval. However, we understand that some publishers are more concerned about the type of content they want to display on their websites. Hence, Mandatory offers three ways to restrict the type of sponsored content that will appear in your widget.

1. All Audiences: This is the most conservative category where no sensual content will be displayed whatsoever. Images in this category include entertainment, body art, swimwear, fitness (may include skin), and the topics which include mild violence.

2. Above 12 Years Old: This is a medium conservative category where content includes sensual topics but non-explicit images. The category may also suggest violence in content and images.

3. Adult: This is the least conservative category where sponsored content may include everything such as sexual content, gambling, drugs, and tobacco-related content. Please note that none of our ad creatives contain nudity, explicit sex, or pornography because we know no one wants to link back to an adult website after all.

*** Note: Our adult category may not be compliant with other ad network policies such as Google AdSense and more. ***