Mandatory allows you create blacklists in two different ways. Please find the required case below.

Account Level Blacklist:

The Account Blacklists enables you to create, edit and select blacklists that restrict your campaign’s ads from showing on undesired websites according to their top-level URLs. A maximum of eight blacklists of 20 URLs each can be created per account and activated for the campaign. Note that this option cannot block those websites in case of page redirects or other serving conditions which use a different domain than set on your blacklist. The idea is to create a predefined blacklist list of known websites on which the advertiser do not want to display their ads in order to prevent competition.

To create an account level blacklist follow our easy guidelines below:

Step 1: From the top right menu, click on your username and then click on Settings.

Step 2: Once you're on the Settings page click on Blacklist button.

Step 3: Click on + New button.

Step 4: Enter your blacklist name.

Step 5: Enter the URL you want to blacklist and click on Add.

Step 6: Click the Save button to apply changes.

Widget Targeting Tool:

The second and most effective way of creating a blacklists or whitelists is via our Widget targeting tool. Each network campaign contains widget targeting option, this option allows pinpointed blacklisting or whitelisting your campaign to select a set of publishers and widgets. The default value of all targeting options is RON (run of network) worldwide serving across all widgets and devices, with no restriction. If you customize a specific targeting option, a small colored circle will appear in its button’s top-right after saving, to indicate a customized selection was made inside.

To create a widget targeting blacklist or whitelist follow our easy guidelines below:

Step 1: Under the Campaign Advanced Options, click Widget Targeting to set the campaign to serve only in your desired publisher widgets.

Step 2: Select the specific publishers or widgets that the campaign should serve in.

Step 3: If you whitelisted a specific set of widgets and don’t want the campaign to serve on new widgets which might be added after your setting, switch the toggle on top-right to Exclude New Widgets. If you blacklisted some specific widgets leave the toggle on its Include New Widgets default position.

Step 4: Then click Update and save the campaign.