You can track your campaigns under the Advanced Options in the + New Campaigns page.

Tracking Code: Enter a suffix style tracking code such as Google Analytics UTM Codes to track campaigns by a third-party system.

Impressions Tracking: Enter your third-party impression tracking code to count impressions on top of the Mandatory platform. The information helps you to identify discrepancies.

Click Tracking: Enter your third-party click tracking code to count clicks on top of the Mandatory platform. The information helps you to identify discrepancies. 

Retargeting Code: Enter a third-party retargeting code to track and retarget your visitors.

Conversions: Create a conversion pixel and use it in one of the targeting options to track conversions. Conversion is basically when you would like to track an action that took place as a result of clicking an ad. E.g: You have an ad whose landing page is a registration form, once the ad is clicked the user is redirected to the landing page that contains the registration from. Once the user filled the form a conversion pixel can be fired back to the platform to track a conversion.

To create a Server Conversion Script follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Open the campaign you wish to set the conversion pixel to. Under its Advanced Options tab click the Conversions button to open the conversion tracking settings.

Step 2: Click +Add and select Server Script.

Step 3: Add a tag description (internal comment for your use to differentiate between different pixels.)

Step 4: Add the Prefix name that would be used as the field passing the unique click token with every clickURL of this campaign to the landing page, for all generated server pixels, as required by the specific tracking system of the advertiser. (Typical names of the Prefix field on various ad servers are RequestID, ClickID, TransactionID, etc.) 

** Note that the prefix must be added with “=”, for example, clickid= **

Step 5: Click on Generate to create the pixel, copy the generated pixel URL, and don’t forget to click also Save All when done.