Campaign performance relies on many factors and a successful campaign allows advertisers to reach the right audience and increase in volume with an effective budget. Follow these simple guidelines to run a successful campaign.


  • Brief: Brief headlines tend to perform much better than descriptive headlines, and that's why we recommend the headlines to be kept under 60 characters or less. Remember, it's your content that will engage the visitors, but it's the headline that will lead the visitors to your content.

  • Honest: Headlines cloaking does increase your ad CTR, but it bounces back the visitor. Thus you waste your money on advertisement, and it damages your brand value too. Honest headlines help you to promote your content and engage your user allowing them to become a recurring visitor which makes a win-win situation for you.

  • Informative: Gibberish ads tend to perform poorly. Headlines with information such as "how to," "learn more" or anything similar can lead to an engaging visitor. A visitor should simply feel like that the content they're about to click is informative, worthy to be read, and helpful.

  • Grammar: Headlines with wrong spellings, caps lock, parentheses, and ellipses are considered SPAM and they're very unlikely to get clicked. Hence, we as a company do not encourage or accept such creatives.


  • Type: Consider using photos over graphics and diagrams because photos of a person or a product tend to get higher CTR compared to graphics or diagrams.

  • Variations: Submitting variations help increase the volume of a campaign.

  • Customize: Use and customize sharp images that are eye catchy. Small images or low pixelated images might not be compatible with every available ad placement.

  • General tips: Ensure that there is no text on images, no animation or flash, no overlaid play buttons.